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Podcasting is the media form skyrocketing in popularity and giving companies new ways to develop relationships and communities on a 1-to-1 level. Creators and companies alike are jumping on the podcast bandwagon as the industry continues to flourish. Castovers is an innovative start-up offering an advertising platform for podcasts at every stage of development. We’re here to help you find your niche and build an engaged community of listeners.

As the industry develops, podcasts provide companies with a new marketing opportunity and a way to generate ad revenue with an expansive network. Starting a podcast can establish your company as an industry expert and build a community that turbo-charges your growth. Podcasts can vary from easy-to-consumed casual conversations to thought pieces and educational episodes. Launching a podcast can build your credibility and authority in an industry niche.

We’re a team of passionate communicators with hands-on experience in the industry. Together, we’ll get your podcast in front of the eyes (and ears!) of your future listeners.

Contact our team today to join the Castovers podcast catalogue today for free before we launch as a premium-only platform.

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What is a Podcast Catalogue?

A podcast catalogue is a digital platform that advertises podcasts and audio shows within topic niches. Castovers promotes global podcast titles across multiple niches with global audiences.

Joining a podcast catalogue is one of the easiest ways to advertise your podcast. Your podcast will be alongside some of the most popular and trending shows within your niche, helping audiences find your podcast based on similar listening histories.

The Castovers podcast catalogue will grow your show’s digital footprint and drive organic traffic to your podcast. Potential listeners can see your back catalogue of podcasts and read reviews from our community, helping you climb the charts.

Podcasting – The

Numbers and Stats You Need to Know

Podcast listeners globally are growing year on year with the UK’s number of regular podcast listeners hitting over 21.2 million in 2022. Research shows a growing awareness of podcasting amongst the public with a consistent consumption level globally. The growing number of streaming platforms, alongside established websites like Spotify, have made the niche accessible to a wider portion of the population

There are over 4 million podcasts registered internationally with Apple Podcast playing host to over 2 million of them. The diversity among podcasting niches means the entire industry is attractive to listeners by offering something for every interest. A 2022 survey showed that the majority of people in the UK, almost 60%, listen to podcasts as a form of entertainment.

While comedy remains the most popular podcast genre across every age demographic, topics as varied as football commentary and true crime dominate the charts. There is a niche for every business within the podcasting industry.

The growing popularity of podcasts and the emerging communities within them has led advertisers to podcasting platforms in search of creators to work with. The average ad spending per internet user (ARPU) for digital audio advertising is increasingly rising with podcast advertising costs hitting £80 million in the UK alone in 2022. Castovers offers a unique way for you to promote your podcast to potential advertisers.

Where is the Podcasting Industry Today?

Spotify and Apple Podcasts continue to dominate the podcasting industry as the two most popular platforms. Apple Podcasts continues to lead the field as the go-to platform of choice for over 37% of listeners. Spotify comes in second with a 26.8% market share of listeners.

Other popular platforms for listeners include Google Podcasts and accessing podcasts through a traditional web browser with creators hosting their episodes through their own websites.

Why Your Company Needs a Podcast

There are two key reasons why every company should start a podcast. It positions you as an industry expert and drives organic traffic as a form of community building.

Featured Shows

1.       Industry Expert

Launching a podcast is one of the easiest ways to establish your company as an industry expert. Podcasts develop credibility and authority, creating a narrative around your company and building trust between you and your community. Podcast listeners go on a journey with you throughout your podcast. By subscribing to your podcast, they’ll get new episodes directly to their smart device.

You can tailor your content around a specific niche or develop it in time with your company’s growth as you explore new markets and products. Launching a podcast can give your company a global profile without investing in international PR or marketing. Your podcast is likely to build a domestic community first with your listenership accumulating with time to incorporate a more international following.

2.      Organic Traffic and Community Building

Podcast listeners are interested in your industry niche or content. The fact that they’ve chosen to listen to your podcast makes your target demographic from the offset. Podcasting is therefore a more effective form of marketing with a highly engaged audience. You’ll be speaking directly to the community you want to build and the listeners you want to convert to customers.

Each podcast episode provides you with an opportunity to provide a call to action (CTA) or promote a new aspect of your business. Companies and service providers often reward podcast listeners with exclusive discounts and benefits, promoting these throughout the podcast episodes.

Build Your Podcast with Castovers

Castovers is an innovative start-up offering an exclusive advertising platform through our digital podcast catalogue. Your podcast will be advertised alongside top trending shows from within your niche, helping you build an audience and grow your digital platform.

We’re opening our catalogue for a limited time for founding members by offering free access to our service. You’ll be amongst the first to join our platform and get a head start at scaling our charts and becoming the leading podcast within your niche. Move fast to get access to one of our limited number of free accounts.

Become an industry thought leader, open new revenue streams and build an engaged community with Castovers’ catalogue today. Contact our team today to join Castovers for free before we launch our premium subscription service.

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