AIM Listing CFO Opportunity

Welcome back to "Career Connect." In today's episode, we have an exciting opportunity to share with our listeners. We have just received
news about a dynamic and rapidly growing company actively working on a London AIM stock market listing. As a leading player in their industry,
they are currently seeking a highly experienced and strategic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to join their executive team. To shed light on
this exciting role, we have invited the company's representative,

As a rapidly growing company preparing for a London AIM stock market listing, we recognize the critical importance of having a skilled CFO to drive our financial performance and growth. The CFO will play a strategic role in aligning financial operations with our overall
business objectives.

This position will involve overseeing and leading all financial aspects of our company's operations. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing the finance department and working closely with the CEO, executive team, and external stakeholders. Their primary focus will be on financial planning, analysis, and reporting, while ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements specific to the London AIM market.

That sounds like an incredibly important and challenging role. Can you provide us with more details about the specific responsibilities the CFO
will have?

The CFO will have a wide range of responsibilities. They will lead the development and implementation of
financial strategies and objectives, ensuring they are aligned with our overall business goals. This includes overseeing budgeting, forecasting,
and financial planning processes.In addition, the CFO will be responsible for financial analysis and reporting. They will provide
accurate and timely financial information to the executive team and board of directors, supporting strategic decision-making. It's crucial
for the CFO to have a deep understanding of the London AIM market, its regulations, and reporting requirements to ensure compliance.

Another critical aspect of the role is managing relationships with external stakeholders, such as auditors, tax advisors, and regulatory bodies. The
CFO will play a pivotal role in liaising with these parties and ensuring transparent and accurate financial reporting.

It's clear that this role requires a highly experienced and strategic individual. Can you tell us more about the qualifications and skills
necessary for the CFO position?

We are seeking a CFO with a proven track record of success in a similar role, preferably within the London AIM market or a related industry. The ideal candidate
will have extensive experience in financial management, strategic planning, and analysis.

Given the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements specific to the London AIM market, it's crucial for the CFO to possess a deep understanding of these regulations and reporting standards. Strong leadership skills and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with internal and external
stakeholders are also vital.

It sounds like an incredible opportunity for seasoned financial professionals. How can interested individuals apply for this CFO position?

We're confident that this CFO role will attract highly qualified professionals. This is a role with a basic of £350,000 together with a significant share incentive scheme.

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