Become a successful FD

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence himself a successful Finance Director talks about how to become an FD and to become a successful one.  The key steps being to get qualified and build up experience with running a finance department.  Improving your people skills is very important, and having a mentor along the way is great also. 

Becoming a master or a whizz at Excel and always being up to date and other key considerations.

You can read our blog post on this topic here How to become a successful Finance Director.

There are many steps you can take to develop yourself, these include amongst others:-

  • Building a network of contacts across a range of disciplines which you can draw upon to support your clients / employers
  • Develop your team building skills so you can encourage and improve the performance of your team.
  • Keep up to date with Accounting standards
  • Improve your data handling skills particularly with Excel.
  • Take time to develop relationships with senior managers.

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