CFO Headhunters in London

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how CFO headhunters can find better and more suitable candidates than traditional recruiters and for this reason FD Capital has launched their own FD and CFO Headhunting service which is proving to be very popular.

CFO’s are very sought after because their leadership skills and experience and knowledge of business are invaluable to the C-Suite team, often a CFO will deputise for a CEO, and in many businesses a CFO goes on to become the next CEO.

The Current cost-of-living and post covid supply chain issues together with the current European war betwen Russia and Ukraine has given rise to unprecedented challenges including spiralling wage and raw material costs, having a strong strategic thinker in your senior team adds greatly to the robustness of a business.

Why more companies are recruiting CFO’s 

CFO’s often enter the industry from diverse backgrounds and this diversity really helps them to add value, many CFO’s have a specialism such as Data Science, Technology or Human Resources.   Many CFO’s now use tools such as Microsoft’s Power Business Intelligence – MS Power BI which then enable them to acquire real time data and KPI’s.

What is CFO Headhunting?

Headhunters are specialist recruiters who find the perfect candidates, their value comes from their ability to identify and approach off-market candidates and entice them to join your organisation or business.   Now that home working is more common place, it’s possible to access a much wider range of candidates as more candidates are open to opportunities if a role is hydrid or even fully remote.

Often headhunters will choose to specialise in a particular niche or industry sector, this works well as the headhunter develops their own knowledge and experience of candidates and niche as they go along.   FD Capital is a great example of this as we only specialise in Finance Directors and Chief Financial Officers.

Why do CFO’s work with headhunters?

Most CFO’s will have at least one relationship with a headhunter, it allows them to explore new career opportunities without having to actively engage in job searches themselves.

Benefits include:-

  • Spending less time actively applying for jobs
  • More Career Opportunities
  • Career Advice and Feedback
  • Professional investment

Why Headhunt a CFO?

It makes sense for companies of all sizes, whilst it costs more there are more benefits as strong candidate that closely matches the requirements of an organisation will quickly add value and cover their costs adding greatly to the value of a business.

Why use a headhunter?

Headhunting is a service available to all sizes of businesses, from SME through to Multi-National PLC’s, it’s possible for example to headhunt a CFO for fractional working, so they work for you for a few days per week, whilst working for someone else the other day.

How can FD capital Help?

FD Capital is a well known FD and CFO Recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street London, we offer a full range of recruitment solutions, part-time, interim, full time, plus Headhunting services for FD’s and CFO’s, whatever your requirements reach out to our team today and we can find the perfect candidate to meet all of your needs.   Reach out to our team today and we will work together to find the right solution.