CFO Recruit

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about the benefits of recruiting a CFO on a part-time or portfolio basis.  Here are FD Capital Recruitment we are seeing more and more employers and CEO’s are open to the option of taking on a CFO on a fractional basis.

There are many benefits to this:-

  • Costs are lower
  • Access to candidates that are focussed on this type of role
  • A wider skill set
  • Broader experience
  • An additional senior member of your C-Suite
  • Industry and sector knowledge
  • Specialised knowledge of areas such as Business Turnarounds, ERP,  Search Marketing.

Having a CFO on your team greatly strengths the organisations and gives you access to strong skills and deep experience.

If you are a CEO or MD or an organisation looking for a new CFO, then give FD Capital Recruitment a call on 020 3287 9501 we are now based in Great Portland Street London and have a network covering London, the South East and the Midlands areas.   To learn more about FD Capital visit our website which can be found at