FD Capital in the news

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how FD Capital has been expanding this year and has launched a number of new teams, including Accountancy Capital, Executive Capital and a Only Legal a new recruitment brand for the legal profession.

A positive thing is that these new teams have caught the eye of the media and our press releases have been picked up and appear in great places including AP news

AP News FD Capital Launches Accountancy Capital

AP News FD Capital Launches Non-Executive Recruitment

We are also please to see coverage of our news stories on reputatble sites such as Substack

Substack covers FD capital and Reporting Accounts

FD Capital on Substack

Repoting Accounts on Substack

It really is good to see the press taking in an interest in us, we have candidates contacting us from all around the world, looking for remote working opportunities as well as London businesses seeking FD’s and CFO’s.  To learn more about FD Capital please visit our website at https://www.fdcapital.co.uk

We look forward to this continuing during 2022!

Thanks for listening and have a great rest of day.