FD Capital Recruitment increases its national coverage

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how FD Capital Recruitment has grown and that we work as a network of Finance Directors and CFO’s.  Our national coverage has been increasing as we have brought new customers and new opportunities on board, we increased further our locations over recent months, some new areas covered to note now include:-

We hold regular social and training meetings for our FD and CFO network and whilst these were historically London and Birmingham based, we now plan to host them in more of the locations which our network covers.

As we are growing we can offer a more comprehensive service, we now offer specialist FD and CFO covering areas such as IT, E-Commerce, ERP integrations, Business Transformation and Business Turnarounds, whatever your requirements make sure to talk with one of our recruitment advisors.

To learn more about FD Capital Recruitment and how we can find the perfect FD, part-time, full-time, interim or permanent for your business get in touch with us today on 020 3287 9501