FD Capital Recruitment launches Android Apps

In todays episode Adrian Lawrence talks about the launch today of two Google Apps for FD Capital Recruitment.  Our Google Play store apps went live today and our candidates and FD/CFO network can now more easily search for opportunities within our network using it.  It’s a great way to access our network, and we are hopeful that this extra sales channel will attract new users and interest at the same time.  Our FD Capital Recruitment Android app can be found here.

For similar reasons we have developed a Chrome extension, this allows Chrome browser users to find and use our FD and CFO Job search tool, with a single click from the navigation bar.  It makes it easier than ever for our candidates to check our latest opportunities.  You can find our FD and CFO Recruitment extension here.

The team at FD Capital projected managed both of these projects, as many of our Finance professionals formerly ran Software, Web design and App Development outfits, we have a great deal of digital skill which we can draw upon in-house.  Dealing with a digital savvy senior finance boutique is one of the USP’s you find working with us.

Our team are not only FD’s and CFO’s but digital directors and SEO professionals at the same time.  To learn more about FD Capital visit our website and read our blog post about The Launch of FD Capital Recruitments Android Apps.