FD Capital Recruitment Overview

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how FD Capital has evolved since starting in 2018, initially based in London, then with an office in Shropshire, we now have a presence in Manchester, Oxford and Bristol giving us a significant ability to service recruitment across the Country.  Our specialism remains part-time and full-time Finance Director and CFO recruitment.   We are increasingly offering niche specialists including Turnarounds, fund raising, distress situations and E-Commerce expertise.

FD Capital focusses on three main areas of work, Part-Time, Interim and Full time roles, as we started out as a Part-Time FD Specialist more of our work is currently part-time, around 50% of all activity, with Interim and Full-time making up the rest.  Interim and Full Time roles are growing much fast than Part-Time so this is reducing as a proportion of our workload now.

We also offer specialist roles, such as E-Commerce, Turnaround and Bilingual FD’s and CFO’ visit our website where you can see all of these options from our main navigation.

From time to time we also pick up Non-Executive and Chairmanship roles, plus international ones, though rare, these are really interesting opportunities.

To learn more about FD Capital visit our website at https://www.fdcapital.co.uk