FD Capital Recruitment

In todays’ episode Adrian Lawrence talks about FD Capital Recruitment and how we have been trading for around 4 years.  The business is now the busiest it has ever been, having been through a tough period during the pandemic.  We specialise in Finance Directors and CFOs and around 65% of our clients are in some way connected to Private Equity either being backed already or actively seeking investment.   

Our team have significant experience in this niche and we have a great Unique Selling Proposition, we typically put a short list together and put it in front of our clients within 24 hours of being instructed.   We can do this because we have close working relationships with active Portfolio CFOs and FDs who we know and trust and can therefore put these forward easily.

To learn more about FD Capital and how we can help your business find the perfect Finance Professional, reach out to us via our Website which can be found at FD Capital Recruitment.