FD Recruit

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence one of the FD’s with FD Capital Recruitment talks about the benefits of recruiting an FD on a Part-Time Basis or as a Portfolio FD (an FD who works for more than one company at the same time).  Increasingly we are seeing interest in the market for these part time roles as there are many benefits for companies looking for their FD Recruit.

  • Lower cost due to the fractional nature of the model
  • A more experienced Finance Director available than would be possible with a full-time role
  • Flexibility
  • The same levels of commitment.
  • Access to a network of professional contacts including PE houses and VC funds
  • Specialised knowledge which might include ERP, SEO and bilingual skills
  • Mentor and leader for finance team
  • A useful addition to the senior management team
  • Industry or sector knowledge.

As can be seen there are very many benefits to having an experienced senior financial professional on your team.  I learn more get in touch today.

If you are an employer or a CEO/MD looking to recruit an FD, then reach out to us today on 020 3287 9501 or visit our website which can be found at https://www.fdcapital.co.uk/part-time-fd