Financial Services FDs and CFOs available from FD Capital Recruitment

In today's episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how FD Capital have increasingly focussed on the Financial Services sector and now have a dedicated team of recruiters and matching pool of candidates to drawn upon. We have been actively marketing our services to PE Houses, VC Funds and other financial service firms across London and in particular in the City of London.

Financial services CFOs are driving the evolution behind the role, moving from number crunchers and accounting to taking on a greater strategic and operational role. Automation, the rise of fintech, and regulatory changes continue to pose challenges to companies within the financial services industry, leading many to recruit a full-time or part-time CFO.

FD Capital is London’s leading financial recruitment agency connecting companies with experience FDs and CFOs with backgrounds in private equity, corporate finance, and tech. Our candidates are available for immediate starts on both full-time and part-time contracts. Financial service CFOs are ‘Chief Future Officers’ and forward-thinking financial executives who will boost your company’s valuation and create a strong investor story. Our CFOs have a proven track record of successful IPOs, AIM listings, and increasing company valuations as part of an exit strategy.

If your business is looking to recruit a CFO or FD with a Financial Services focus, then look no further than FD Capital. You can find our more about our Financial Services offering via our website: