Free guide to hiring an FD or CFO

In today’s Podcast Adrian Lawrence talks about our new free guide to hiring an FD or CFO which has been published today, you can download it for free by registering at the guides page on our website at in it we cover a range of topics and share our experience over the last 3 years of running FD Capital.

Topics covered include:-

  • Why hire an FD or CFO?
  • What can an FD or CFO do for me?
  • What skills should I look for in an FD or CFO?
  • What responsibilities should and FD or CFO have?
  • What to look out for in the recruitment process?

We also posted about our guide today in our Finance Director blog – see our Free Guide to FD and CFO recruitment.

Plus loads more useful advice.

FD Capital are a leading senior finance recruitment boutique based in Great Portland Street, London.  If you need an FD or CFO for your business we would be delighted to hear from and work with you.  Our main number is 020 3287 9501