How to take your company public.

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence from FD Capital talks about How to take your company public.

Every CFO dreams of taking a company public. It’s something every  CFO aspires to achieve during their career. As a CFO, you’re the guiding  force behind taking your company public. Before you can start raising  capital or talking about an IPO, there are several hurdles your company  will need to pass.

Taking your company public isn’t easy; it takes time, money, and  expert manoeuvring to overcome the complex challenges. Getting the  initial public office (IPO) for your company right could take months –  even years – to prepare.

While taking a company public is a herculin effort, most of the  challenges fall on the shoulders of the company’s CFO. The weight of  audit standards, governance, and increasing regulations means that  getting your company to the IPO stage can feel like an uphill battle.

Our senior team of CFOs are sharing their wisdom on the tips you  need to know to take your company public. Not every CFO will have the  experience of guiding their company through the IPO stage or preparing  them to go public.

When you join a company as a CFO, it’s important to find out whether  going public is part of their long-term strategy. Finding this out  early will allow you to plan accordingly.

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