London Finance Director Recruitment

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence one of the team of FD’s with FD Capital Recruitment talks about the London market for Finance Directors and how FD Capital Recruitment are seeing a recovery in activity in 2021.   Last year saw a lot of issues as a result of the pandemic and we became very busy in the early part of the year as companies needed our turnaround specialists, but activity dropped a lot with the second lockdown.  Pleasingly activity levels are now returning to something like we saw pre 2019.

Now in 2021 we are seeing much more activity again and employers are increasingly considering Part-Time FD’s and CFO’s far more than we ever saw previously.

A London FD can make a real difference to any business bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience the sorts of areas they can make a difference to include:-

  • Business Transformation
  • International Trade
  • IT including ERP systems
  • Other specialist knowledge including E-Commerce.
  • Team leadership and development and support
  • A key member of the senior management team offering advice and support to the CEO and other C-Suite executives.
  • A useful source of contacts including external advisors, PE Houses and VC Funds.

If you are a business looking for a London based agency to help with your FD or CFO recruitment then speak with us today on 020 32787 9501 or visit our website at