London Senior Financial Recruitment

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about FD Capital Recruitment, and how we operate as a boutique service focussed on Senior Finance Recruitment within the London area, we cover anywhere within the M25.  Our team are made up of FD’s, CFO’s and Recruitment Professionals plus Directors of Digital.

We offer, Part-Time, Interim and Full-Time FD’s and CFO’s.  If you are looking for a FD or CFO for your business, please reach out to our team today and we will find the perfect candidate for you.

What is unique about FD Capital is how we bring together FD’s, CFO’s and professional recruiters in a network that we then share new opportunities with, only then going out to market if our team is at capacity.  It works really well as we know our team very well and are able to match them effectively to the chemistry within client businesses.

To learn more read our latest blog post here :