Part-time to permanent FD roles

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about Part-time to permanent FD roles, and how FD Capital recruitment is seeing increasing interest in such a solution.  A Finance director joins initially a couple of days per week, but as the business develops their role increases in time until it becomes a permanent full-time role.  This suits some of our team members who have been contracting for a while and now with the changes to IR35 are seeing that there is more certainty in a regular full-time role.

This solution also works for the business concerned as they can get comfortable with the FD during a period of business growth and when scale is reach or perhaps an acquisition opportunity comes along the role can become full time.  This works well for all concerned.

A real Unique Selling Point about FD Capital is that we have a large network of Part-Time Senior Finance Professionals to draw upon.  So you can be sure we know and have met the candidates we put forward to you.  We take pride on putting the time in so we know that candidates and clients will have the right chemistry together.

Other flexible options are possible such as Interim to Part-Time, make sure to reach out to our team today to discuss your requirements.

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