Podcasting with FD Capital Recruitment

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about the experience of the FD Capital Recruitment Team with podcasting.   We are new to this area but are really finding it a great experience to share knowledge and updates using this media and channel.  We have already had feedback in that enquiries have come through and mentioned hearing about us from one of our episodes.  So it clearly is a value adding way to get our message out.

What is great about podcasting is that it offers listeners the chance to get to know the team in a natural way,  videos are often prepared and produced, whilst audio is more free flowing.  Our team talk naturally about topical issues and really enjoy getting our message across in this way.

We appear on popular platforms such as Amazon’s Audible but also other big names on the internet such as Apple, Google and then many podcasting niche site as as pod chaser and many more besides.

Our team are also experimenting with other media including twitter, Facebook and You tube videos, we see all of these media as great ways to interact with new audiences and help to reach out to people.

To learn more about how FD Capital Recruitment can help you find the perfect FD or CFO for your business please visit our website at https://www.fdcapital.co.uk