Preparing to meet VC Funds

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence from FD Capital talks about meeting VC funds and how to prepare for your first meeting.   FD Capital Recruitment are a leading FD and CFO boutique provider specialising in the provision of Fractional CFO’s typically candidates from a VC or PE house background.

First off its a numbers of gain in every sense, not all VC funds are going to match to your particular business and niche and the chemistry has to be right all around.   Don’t be put off if everything seems to match but the fund turns around and says they are not interested.

Getting the numbers right, its very important that your figures are checking really carefully and there are no inconsistencies, if issues are found that will raise concerns within the team reviewing your submission which needs to be avoided.

Having the right team is key, VC funds place high importance on the strength of the team and together with the concept this is what they are investing into, so having a Finance Professional with a proven track record of working with VC funds previously makes a big difference.   This is where FD Capital can really help as around 65% of our work is connected in some way to PE house and VC opportunities either within an existing business or one that is seeking funding.

Reach out to our team today and find out how we can help, plus read our FD Capital blog.