Resignation Tips for FD’s and CFO’s

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence gives tips and advice for FD’s and CFO’s about to hand in their resignation.   If you have reached the difficult decision to move on from a senior financial professional role, then its important to prepare the organisation for the transition, building up the team in anticipation of your move and to handle the resignation discussion in a positive and professional manner.  Read our guide which covers resignation tips for FD’s and CFO’s here :

The main considerations are:-

  • Preparing your team in advance so they are best able to cope in your absence.
  • Having a discussion with a senior recruitment specialist such as FD Capital to prepare a pipeline of suitable candidates.
  • To always act professionally.
  • Keep calm and carry on.
  • Make sure to find yours a new role if possible before you resign, as your own career progression and development are important.

Moving on can be a difficult choice at times, but our team is here to help and support you and your current employer through any transition period and with a new recruitment.

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