SME Brexit Support Fund

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence one of the CFO’s from FD Capital’s team talks about a grant which is available to support SME businesses that are facing challenges with the new Brexit rules and regime.   The grant covers training and or professional fees, which if you are an FD or CFO with a personal services company and registered with your institute as a firm means you can offer the service directly to your client and potentially be eligible for the grant.  The maximum grant is £2,000 which whilst modest is easy to apply for and is administered by PWC.

To learn more about the SME Brexit Support fund read our blog post on the topic here

Whilst the headline story of Brexit is that of a free trade agreement with the EU, the reality is more complex, if the goods you import have a country of Origin outside of the Europe then you not only pay duty on bringing them into the UK, but again on exporting them from the UK to EU, this means double duties which if the % involved is high, can wipe out your profit margin. This Brexit support grant allows you to get advice on how to adapt your business and trade arrangements to adjust to this new reality

It’s a great example of how HM Government is attempting to ease some of the challenges that Brexit has brought with it.  To learn more about FD Capital and how we can help you recruit an FD or CFO visit our website at