The Finance Function in the 21st Century

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence an experienced FD and CFO himself talks about how the Finance Function is shaping up for the demands and requirements of the 21st Century.   Finance Function structures vary depending on the size of an organisation and its phase of development, for example a micro company is best serviced by a bookkeeper whereas a smaller company that is seeking funding needs more skill within the team and the support of an external FD or CFO.   

As businesses grow and scale, then more resource is needed, the typical structure for a larger company is Finance Manager > Financial Controller > Finance Director > CFO with other specialisms involved including Management Accountants and FP&A specialists.

Remote and hybrid working is definitely the way forward, as IT improves, including the quality of cameras, broadband and communication software such as Zoom and Teams then experience of remote working becomes closer and closer to that of actually being together in a room / office.   This has some pretty significant implications as office spaces is not needed to anything like the levels of the 20th Century.

Good team work and management skills means a team can be motivated and managed remotely just as effectively as the traditional office can be.

FD Capital are close to the trends and development direction of the industry and can help your business with the provision of Fractional CFOs and FDs with the skill sets to match your teams requirements.  To learn more about FD Capital visit our website and blog where you can find useful content and guides covering this topic and many others.