Using Linkedin to find FD and CFO Opportunities

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how useful Linkedin has become to find new Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer opportunities.   The good news is that the market is now recovering following the recent Pandemic and here at FD Capital we are seeing more opportunities coming forward than at any time since early 2020.

Linkedin has become the social media platform for choice for senior finance professionals to find new roles, and increasingly Private Equity Houses and Venture Capitalists are reaching out to specialist Finance Director recruitment services such as ours to find roles.

To make the most out of Linkedin you need to invest time into each day, cultivating new connections, posting interesting content that catches your followers attention, then reaching out to your contacts and engaging them.  Once you have met it becomes so much easier to turn your contacts into a source of opportunities.

A good approach is to spend a small amount of time each day building your network, its a numbers game so unless and until your have more than 1,000 suitable contacts you won’t get much traction, but if you persevere if will and does work.  Visit our FD Capital page on Linkedin to learn more about FD Capital and to explore our current opportunities.  Our main base is in Great Portland Street London, but we also have a presence in Shropshire which supports the West Midlands.