Why Hire a Finance Director

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about why companies hire a Finance Director and what the benefits are.   Having the right experience at the top of an organisation makes a significant difference.  Time and time again we have seen the positive transformation an FD makes.  The improvements include:-

  • Greatly improved communications with external parties including banks
  • A focus on profitability by customer and by product
  • Knowledge shared from other industries or elsewhere in the industry
  • Complimentary skills to match with the CEO/MD and sales director.

Bringing good people into an organisation always works and recruiting a senior finance professional is no difference.   What is unique about FD Capital is that we are a network of FD’s CFO’s and professional recruiters all working together as a team to find you the perfect candidate for your business.  We also share new opportunities with our network first, so you can be sure we put forward a trusted and known candidate, only when there is no one available do we then go out to market to find fresh talent.

FD Capital Recruitment are a London based FD/CFO Recruitment specialist with a presence in the West Midlands also.  To learn about our business visit https://www.fdcapital.co.uk