Why Hire an FD or CFO?

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about the benefits of hiring an FD or CFO and how FD Capital Recruitment can help your business find the perfect candidate.   

Some of the key benefits provided by a CFO or FD include:

  • Insights into company performance to improve profits.
  • Introduces better controls and systems.
  • Improves cash forecasting and management.
  • Utilises forecasting, modelling, and planning.
  • Increases the company’s credibility with external parties, including banks and PE houses.
  • Brings experience and expertise in a niche field.
  • Allows your company to plan for the future and formalise business strategy.
  • Recruit skilled employees to up-scale your business.
  • A key member of your senior team or C-Suite
  • Contacts and access to PE houses and VC Funds

The right FD or CFO will make a significant difference to your business adding value.

To learn more about FD Capital and how we can help you find the perfect FD or CFO, visit our website at FD Capital or call our main number on 020 3287 9501