Working as a UK FD or CFO whilst living overseas

In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about an increase in Finance Directors and CFO’s working in the UK but living overseas.  As a result of the pandemic employers are now more open minded with the location their FD’s choose to work from.  We have one FD who moved to Cyprus before the Brexit Deadline and has been able to continue working remotely from there.   His employers are aware of his location and provided he is able to attend periodic team meetings are OK with it.

Being flexible in this way, means employers can retain the skills of senior Financial professionals who may be starting into their retirement phase, there are also very skilled individuals who make a lifestyle choice to spend time abroad, and in something like the Digital Nomad approach, a company with a flexible approach, can find very loyal and highly driven individuals willing and able to undertake task remotely in this way.

Candidates need to be open with their employers due to the complex tax implications of working remotely in this way.  It also partly depends if you are working via a UK personal service company or via an offshore company.  HMRC are becoming increasingly focussed on these structures, and indeed IR35 was introduce to level the playing feel and to ensure everyone pays their fair amount of tax.  That said typical offshore workers are abroad for lifestyle reasons rather than tax ones.

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