Your first 101 days as a CFO

In todays episode Adrian Lawrence an experienced CFO himself talks about the key considerations and key milestones in your first 101 days in your new role.

Starting a new job is always daunting. Making a first impression  isn’t easy. You want to hit the ground running and put yourself on the  path to success. If you’re a CFO, the pressure is even greater.

Recent years have seen the position of CFO grow in leaps and bounds.  It’s no longer a job that sees you just balancing the books. CFOs have  taken on a strategic role within companies as the second-in-command to  the CEO.

A successful CFO has the potential to change the fortunes of the  company and put them on the path to sustainable growth. While measuring  success is arbitrary, your first 101 days as CFO are a test of your  fitness for the role. If you’re stepping into the role of CFO, you want  to start with a plan for your first 101 days.

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